US-based group says it is ready to deliver a good volume of high-quality fruit for export markets

Salix Fruits has announced the beginning of the Turkish apple season, noting that expectations were running high among growers and receivers across various markets ahead of a “promising season”.

Salix Fruits Turkish apples

The group said that, following a successful 2022, the overall crop forecast for the 2023 season “wasn’t entirely clear” on the volume front.

Preliminary indicators have suggested that export volumes could be a little slower this season.

This is because of localised hail incidents, with some growers expecting different degrees of black spot issues, Salix Fruits said.

Category 1 fruit could be down with more fruit sold domestically, the group added.

“Yet, we’re still looking at a good volume of high-quality fruit for export markets,” said Javier Orti, sales manager for Asia at Salix Fruits.

“Regarding the opening prices for the season, packers are seeing some pressure on production cost from farmers, though there is still some uncertainty due to inflation and exchange rate fluctuations.”

Red Delicious was described as a leading variety, with India standing as a key destination market.

Gala was growing every year with new orchards coming into production, especially in the Karaman/Nigde area, the company outlined.

“Growers are expecting to start harvesting around the last days of August to the second week of September depending on the area”, explained Orti.

“Good Granny Smith will be available, especially from the North West region including the Challenger variety, with good potential for South East Asia.”

Salix Fruits said it offered a wide range of varieties including Fuji, Pinks and Golden Delicious.

“Taking a global view, India has seen a significant growth in the past five years,” he continued. ”This season demand will be good, as the local crop is quite short.

”There is some concern regarding the comeback of Washington apples after the reduction in import duties, but still Turkish Red Delicious has earned its place in the Indian market at a more competitive price point.”

The Middle East was described as a pivotal market for diverse apple varieties, with Southeast Asia emerging as a robust growth sector, particularly for Gala and Granny Smith.

Latin America and Thailand are seen as compelling avenues for exploration, projecting a landscape of potential and growth, Salix Fruits said.

“Other products that we ship from Turkey include cherries and stonefruit, figs, pomegranates and citrus,” said Ortiz. “We are already discussing programmes with our customers, looking forward to a great season.”