Climate targets for 2030 cover the reduction of emissions throughout the chain


The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved the new Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride climate targets for 2030. These climate targets cover the reduction of emissions throughout the chain.

Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride are the fruit and vegetable importers to commit to chain-wide reduction goals in a bid to reinforce their efforts to realise a more sustainable chain.

In recent years, the two companies have taken significant steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, focusing primarily on their own operations and transport. They have worked on increasing packaging sustainability, implementing the transition to green energy sources, valorising food waste for human and animal consumption and incorporating sustainable transport solutions. By applying chain-wide targets, they will collaborate with their growers to reduce agricultural emissions.

In 2020, the importers were the first within the sector to receive approval for scope 1 and 2 targets. Scope 3 and Forest, Land and Agriculture (Flag) have now also been approved. Scope 1 and 2 targets cover emissions produced by company owned sources and energy procurement. Scope 3 covers indirectly produced emissions in the chain, such as those generated by transport.

“Flag covers emissions produced by agricultural processes. It focuses on the conservation and sustainable management of forests, land and agricultural activities to reduce the impact of climate change and promote biodiversity. Flag targets are therefore crucial to achieving chain-wide climate and sustainability targets,” the companies said in a press release.

“The approval shows that the targets established by Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride are scientifically substantiated, are in line with the Paris climate agreement and that the companies are applying appropriate measures to limit global warming to 1.5°C.”

The companies have committed to reducing emissions in scope 1 and 2 by 50 per cent by 2030, compared to emission levels initially recorded in 2022. This is 42 per cent for scope 3 and 30.3 per cent for Flag.

Adriëlle Dankier, CEO of Nature’s Pride, commented: “Nature gives us fruit and vegetables. At the same time, our activities have an impact on the climate. By establishing these ambitious targets, corresponding roadmap and specific actions, we are taking responsibility and are committed to tackling climate change.

“This means looking beyond the boundaries of our own company. Together, we can achieve more and contribute to a sustainable future. By taking these steps, we want to influence other companies in the sector to do the same”.