Partnership with Value Maritime adds the ability to turn shipping emissions into food for plants

Container ship at port in Hong Kong by night Adobe

Digital freight forwarding platform Shypple has announced a partnership with Value Maritime as a part of its sustainability mission of ’a clean future for the shipping industry’.

The initiative with Value Maritime is designed to support Shypple’s clients in reducing their ecological footprint with a Filtree and Carbon Capture system. These services will be available to Shypple users by September.

”There are 60,000 oil-driven vessels around the world right now,” the group stated. ”It’s impossible to change all of these to battery power overnight. Together with Value Maritime, Shypple offers an immediate option for cleaner shipping with the ambition to have a Filtree and Carbon Capture system installed on hundreds of vessels by 2025.”

Value Maritime’s Filtree System filters sulfur, fine dust, and CO₂ from the exhaust gasses of vessels.

The CO₂ is stored on the vessels in CO₂ batteries, which are discharged at ports afterwards to be transported to the greenhouses that re-use the CO₂ to grow their crops.

“The industry needs solutions now, not in the future,” said Maarten Lodewijks, director and co-founder of Value Maritime. ”That is what we can provide at Value Maritime today, retrofitting vessels to be greener and much more sustainable.

”Our solution is available for installation on most ship types immediately,” he outlined. ”It’s great to see a growing interest in sustainable solutions as carriers increase their efforts to contribute to a better environment.”

The shipping industry emits around 940m tonnes of CO₂ every year. About 80 per cent of the world’s trade comes by sea.

Shypple is looking to take the lead in reducing the footprint of the sector and making a positive impact, with additional solutions and insights helping the platform’s clients to simplify their logistics and reduce their environmental pollution.

“We’re happy to announce this partnership as part of our commitment to a more equitable shipping industry,” said Jarell Habets, CEO and founder of Shypple. “We cannot ignore the social and environmental impact of global transportation.

”At Shypple, we stimulate our customers to reduce their ecological footprint, and thanks to this initiative with Value Maritime we tackle the problem right at the core. We share their ambition as a young, innovative, and sustainable-minded organization that wants to innovate the industry with positive impact.”