Group says that its PepperCorer machine marks a “revolution” in pepper processing

Sormac PepperCorer

Dutch fresh-cut machinery and processing line specialist Sormac has championed its new new PepperCorer, which it has described as “a true revolution in pepper processing”.

First introduced in 2022 and available worldwide, the PepperCorer measures the length of the pepper and adjusts the coring depth accordingly.

According to Sormac, this ensures that each bell pepper is perfectly cored without cutting into the walls. Depending on the type of pepper and the desired result, different bore diameters can be installed to optimise cutting results.

The PepperCorer can cut the pepper both horizontally and vertically, offering a variety of cutting options like shashlik cubes, rings and segments.

Sormac noted that replacing the modular unit is quick and easy, and that the PepperCorer is hygienic, with an improved vacuum unit to ensure effective waste separation.