Center gathers hygiene tips, updated information on resistance genetics and expert perspectives on Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus in one location

Syngenta ToBRFV Information Center website

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds has launched its ToBRFV Information Center to give growers another tool in the fight for healthy tomatoes.

The group points out that it was the first company to bring ToBRFV resistant tomatoes to market in 2020, with the first commercial plantings in 2021, and this resource is designed to build on its commitment to providing solutions for growers.

“Since 2015, Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) has negatively impacted tomato production, now in at least 35 countries, with more instances occurring every year,” Syngenta states. “With no end in sight for the virus, growers are searching for solutions to help minimise their risk.”

Visitors are invited to sign up to the Information Center to be the first to know about ToBRFV updates and get additional resources and news from Syngenta in the fight against the devastating virus.

“Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus has a significant impact on growers,” says Ruud Kaagman, global crop unit head, tomatoes at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds. “In fact, growers can lose up to 70 per cent of their produce due to the virus, and it’s spreading rapidly. Therefore, broad resistance will be built into our portfolio during the next several years.”

Research for additional new resistances, including new modes of action, is ongoing, according to Syngenta. Until then, there are practical steps growers can take to reduce the spread of the virus, with Syngenta Vegetable Seeds’ ToBRFV Information Center offering tips and tricks to protect tomatoes around the world.

Because ToBRFV transmits easily on clothing, accessories, equipment, and tools, it’s vitally important to follow stringent standards to minimise the risk of spreading the virus from greenhouse to greenhouse or field to field, the group notes.

“The ToBRFV Resource page provides helpful tips for reducing transmission risk, including a video and downloadable checklist and infographic,” Syngenta says. “These can be downloaded, printed, and posted in greenhouse spaces to inform employees and guests of best practices to keep tomato crops safe. Currently, it’s available in English, and additional languages will be added in the coming months.”

Syngenta outlines that visitors will also find easy-to-explain information about what ToBRFV is to help train employees and guests of the importance of preventing the virus, as well as deeper details about what the virus is, where it has spread, and what Syngenta is doing to partner with growers.