Thx! Dreams and Letis announce a strategic collaboration to ensure quality and transparency in fulfilling the dreams of rural workers

Social impact brand Thx! has announced a strategic collaboration with Letis, a leading company in auditing and certification of quality and sustainability standards, to bring more transparency and quality to its Dreams programme.


Thx! Dreams has been recognised for its commitment to helping farm workers achieve their dreams, offering a comprehensive programme that goes beyond direct economic assistance.

Under the collaboration, Letis will certify and verify the integrity of the Thx! Dreams fulfilment process through rigorous control of actions and investments made for this purpose. Letis will issue certificates validating that the process has been carried out in accordance with established standards and that the dreams have been effectively funded.

“We are excited about this collaboration with Letis. Its expertise in auditing and certification will add an extra layer of quality assurance and transparency to our programme, ensuring beneficiaries and consumers choosing products with our seal that dreams will be fulfilled fairly and effectively,” said Martin Casanova, chief dream maker of Thx! Dreams.

Ingrid Clausen, business development manager of Letis added: “At Letis we believe in the importance of ensuring transparency and quality in processes that positively impact society. We are delighted to work with Thx! Dreams to ensure that the fulfilment of dreams for rural workers meets the highest standards of integrity and excellence”.

Both companies said the collaboration reinforces their commitment to social responsibility and the creation of a positive and sustainable impact in rural communities.