Wood was shown to have the lowest recycling cost at €7 per tonne, as well as being the most improved, according to non-profit Ecoembes

Ecoembes, the company responsible for the integrated waste management and recycling system that covers light household packaging in Spain, has published its 2024 Punto Verde recycling centre rates for waste management.


Once again, wood was shown to be the material with the lowest rate at a cost of €7 per tonne, far below plastic containers at €776 per tonne for disposable and €721 for reusable, as well as paper and cardboard at €190 per tonne if disposable and €135 if reusable.

“The rate obtained is further recognition for the low environmental impact of the production of wooden packaging,” said Enrique Soler, president of Fedemco, the Spanish federation of wooden light-weight packaging and their components. “Packaging companies all over the world choosing wood whose products are sold in the Spanish market will benefit from this low price. In the end, it’s additional incentive for companies to choose packaging that already stands out due to its unique properties and sustainability.”

Ecoembes applies the Punto Verde rate to companies who place household waste on the market in Spain and have no recovery or return system of their own.

The fixed cost takes into account factors such as citizens’ recycling practices, the price of the material on the market and recycling data for the previous year.

This also places wooden packaging in a positive light. According to the most recent Ecoembes annual report, wooden packaging was the material with the highest improvement in collection and management. In 2022, the recycling of this material increased by 6.8 per cent to more than 9,000 tonnes collected.

“At Fedemco we’re proud of this progress, yet well aware that there’s still much left to be done,” said Soler. “Nowadays, most consumers in Spain are unaware that wooden packaging must be placed in the yellow bin. What’s more, companies still often doubt the full recyclability of our packaging. For this reason, Fedemco has implemented its own certification process with institutional support: Ecowoox. This seal guarantees the full recyclability of each and every one of the components of packaging with this seal.”