This October, Kanzi is launching its new marketing campaign, based on the apple brand’s ‘Power of Great Taste’ positioning, building on the notion of “living life to the fullest”, with Kanzi providing the physical and mental energy to do so.

Kanzi variety manager EFC conducted research into the consumer trends associated with people’s daily energy challenges, and came up with the slogan ‘Yes You Kanzi!’, which will be used by Kanzi’s European partners to further boost brand awareness.

“From video commercials to radio spots, and from engaging social media content to packaging, the Yes You Kanzi! theme will come to life in all elements of the marketing mix, to create a truly 360o campaign,” the company stated. “From week 40 onwards, the campaign will be on-air across Europe. A high-impact media plan will ensure that the new Kanzi campaign cannot be missed by the European apple consumer.”

Based on EFC’s research, the new campaign focuses on helping consumers replenish their energy regularly. “Kanzi is the apple that keeps you going,” the company said. “Its unique sweet-tangy taste and juicy, crunchy bite are instantly refreshing, giving you exactly the right energy you need to get things done. Whatever it is you want to do today, with Kanzi you can.”

Demand for Kanzi apples is on the rise, according to the company, with Kanzi recording double-digit growth in the European market. In key markets like the Middle East, Australia, South Africa and the US, Kanzi is equally gaining in popularity, and the company is hoping the Yes You Kanzi! campaign can continue to grow brand awareness and build consumer loyalty to fuel further sales.

Although weather conditions have proved challenging this European growing season, the new Kanzi harvest has apparently been unaffected, with Kanzi’s European partners expecting a good season in terms of volume, size and quality.