For decades, own-label has dominated the fresh fruit and vegetable aisle at Britain’s top supermarkets. But now high costs and tough market conditions are putting huge pressure on margins. So is own-label still the only game in town?

Shoppers like brands. They like food and drink brands too, but they almost never find them in the fresh produce section. We want to know if fresh fruit and vegetable brands can play a bigger role in future.

’The Power of Branding’ is a new section of our website. Right here, over the next several months, we’re looking at the new importance of brands for the fresh produce business in the UK. 

At FPJ we’re joining up with Coregeo to look at how fresh produce brands work and what future they offer for the fresh produce industry in Britain. Coregeo already manages Pink Lady® and Tenderstem®, the two top fruit and vegetable brands in the UK.

Our microsite features lots of brand insight from Coregeo. Plus plenty of news and views on the future for brands in Britain’s fresh produce business.

Fred Searle, Editor, Fresh Produce Journal