Todd Fryhover leaves the position after 18 years 

After 18 years with the Washington Apple Commission (WAC) president, Todd Fryhover, has announced he will be retiring in November 2024.

Washington Apple Commission president Todd Fryhover

Washington Apple Commission president Todd Fryhover

Fryhover came to the WAC in 2006 in a consultancy role and assumed the presidency in December 2008. During his time with the Commission Fryhover has overseen the marketing efforts for Washington apple growers in 25 countries worldwide with a staff of five and 13 international representatives.

During his 18 years of service to Washington apple growers Fryhover has travelled extensively throughout South-East Asia, China, the Middle East, India, Central and South America, Mexico, and the EU. As barriers to trade have become more significant, and new varietal production has come online, the industry’s need to export has increased, making maintaining and expanding market access a key focal point during his tenure.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” Fryhover said. “The WAC’s success has been made possible by an amazing staff, a supportive board of directors and growers focused on providing the standard in high quality food safe fresh apples. It has been my pleasure to serve Washington apple growers, and for that opportunity, I sincerely thank everyone I’ve encountered over my 18 years of service.”

Fryhover played a significant role in securing annual awards of over US$5m in USDA Market Access Program funds and an additional US$10m from an Agricultural Trade Promotion grant to promote Washington apples in international markets. Prior to his time with the Commission, he worked for several leading apple packing companies in management, quality assurance, purchasing, inventory control, shipping, operations, domestic sales, and over 15 years in international sales.

Fryhover has served on the Northwest Horticultural Council, US Apple Association, World Apple and Pear Association, US Agricultural Export Council boards, and as an industry ambassador presenting to hundreds of service organisations highlighting and educating on the positive aspects of the Washington apple industry. One of his biggest joys during his tenure with the WAC has been educating those unaware of the complexity of the industry, the hard work of Washington apple growers, and the diversity of Washington’s varietal makeup.

“For the past 18 years, Todd has been an excellent advocate for the Washington apple industry,” said Mark Stennes chairman of the WAC.

“His deep understanding of our industry, along with the relationships and trust built throughout his career, equipped him perfectly to promote our growers and products throughout the global markets. We are thankful for the dedication and time he invested in growing our markets and protecting our Washington Apple brand worldwide. It would be hard to overstate the impact of his four-decade career. We wish Todd the very best in his retirement.”

A search committee including Fryhover and members of the WAC board of directors is working with the MIXTEC Group, an experienced executive search firm specialising in the produce industry, to help find a successor to Fryhover.