Fact-finding trip designed to foster greater spirit of collaboration

Chilean Kiwifruit Committee NZ

Zespri hosted a visit for members of the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee last week to share information and insights on its kiwifruit production and packing operations. The trip was the latest sign of the reset in the relationship between the two industries after years of conflict over claims of unfair competition.

Carlos Cruzat, president of the Kiwifruit Committee, said the visit highlighted “the underlying spirit of collaboration, which is rebuilding the relationships of both kiwifruit industries, which allows us to exchange experiences, knowledge and once again address matters that are of common concern”.

During the trip, the Chilean delegation visited three packhouses to learn more about Zespri’s model and how it ensures that its growers maintain the production standards it requires.

Cruzat observed that the distinct climatic conditions in each country required different production and handling techniques.

“This visit allowed us to get to know the New Zealand kiwifruit industry better in order to strengthen our country strategy, as it was oriented towards providing consumers with a good consumption experience,” Cruzat said.

“The challenge for Chile – considering our conditions that are different, both in the design of the industry as in the climate and production – is how to ensure that our product satisfies the customer and offers an attractive alternative. And that’s where we were working as a committee, searching as an industry for the model that suited our reality”.