Post-harvest freshness specialist expands its lineup of solutions for apples in the US by introducing three new products

Agrofresh Solutions has announced three new additions to its Apple Complete portfolio. 

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Omri-certified CeraFruta and Teycer Originals Prime Elite have joined DPA as the latest products in Agrofresh’s lineup of post-harvest solutions for the US apple industry.

Cerafruta, a bio-fungicide approved for organic use, had ”proven efficacy” against a broad spectrum of post-harvest fruit decays thanks to its patented formulation of Natamycin, a naturally occurring molecule derived from soil bacteria with a unique mode of action.

The group said that Cerafruta had been used within the food industry for four decades with no known cases of resistance.

Teycer Originals Prime Elite was described as a new coating approved for organic use that helps apples stay more firm, smooth and shiny compared to conventional coatings.

Finally, Textar DPA was a trusted scald and CO2 injury inhibitor containing 40 per cent Diphenylamine, Agrofresh outlined.

“At Agrofresh, our team of innovators is always working to develop new solutions to improve the produce system and reduce food loss,” said Sarah Enescu, commercial business director North America at AgroFresh.

“We’ve been supporting the apple industry for more than 20 years with innovative and revolutionary solutions starting with our SmartFresh (1-MCP) technology,” she explained. ”Today, our Apple Complete portfolio supports the apple industry from end to end with unparalleled customer support to make our industry both more sustainable and efficient.”

Agrofresh commercialised the SmartFresh (1-MCP) technology that began in 2003 with the application on apples, and in the last 20 years it has expanded for use in multiple crops, including pears, blueberries, cherries, avocados and stonefruit, as well as new applications in field, storage and transit, such as field spray application and sachets.