Asoex reports recent rains will not significantly affect production or export for current citrus season

The Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (Asoex) has reported the current citrus season has avoided the worst effects of recent heavy rains and floods that have hit the South American nation.

A storm system brought heavy rains to the south-central area of Chile, however according to the Asoex Citrus Committee, the current citrus season has not been significantly affected due to the location and timing of the worst of the weather.

“The Asoex Citrus Committee can report that the production and export of citrus will not be affected by the latest rains, since the citrus-producing areas span from the Coquimbo region to the O’Higgins region, and are located in higher areas, protected from frost,” the Committee said.

Monserrat Valenzuela, manager of the Committee, said that while harvests had been stopped for a few days, much of the export crop had already been picked.

“The clementine season has already ended and with regard to oranges and lemons, they are 80 per cent complete, with almost all the production harvested. Finally, mandarin exports have progressed by 35 per cent and the O`Higgins region represents only 15 per cent of this species,” Valenzuela said.