Agritech group says it is launching the first purpose-built industry cloud for agriculture as it aims to advance how technology can solve critical challenges

Cropin Cloud outline

Cropin has announced the launch of Cropin Cloud, which it says is the world’s first purpose-built industry cloud for agriculture.

It is described by the company as a ”multi-tenant, secure, scalable, flexible, intelligent cloud platform”, enabling agri-businesses, development agencies, governments, and allied industries to accelerate digital transformation across their business value chain.

”Cropin Cloud is an integrated platform of applications for digitisation, clean and contextual data pipelines for enhanced decision-making based on data analytics, and globally proven crop-specific, crop and geography-agnostic machine learning models,” the group outlined.

”It aims to advance technology adoption to solve real-world agricultural problems and deliver value to every stakeholder in the food value chain, from the farmer and agribusinesses to the consumer.”

Cropin said the product service will help agri-food and allied businesses manage the complexity of converging multiple-point technology solutions, while enjoying the flexibility of choosing the right solutions based on where they are in their digital transformation journey.

”Today, the global agriculture ecosystem is facing large disruptions triggered by climate change, geo-political tensions, food supply-chain challenges, and an ever-increasing global population,” explained Krishna Kumar, founder and CEO of Cropin.

”Solving these challenges demands a technology platform that enables the ecosystem players to transform their business operations,” he continued. ”Cropin Cloud leverages the advancements in cloud computing, earth observation, remote sensing, data and machine learning algorithms to help the agriculture sector unlock new possibilities.

”For Cropin, this is an important milestone as we double down on our core purpose to maximise per acre value for every stakeholder in the global agriculture ecosystem.”  

According to the company, Cropin Cloud could help to solve agri-ecosystem challenges such as traceability, yield unpredictability, supply chain disruptions, and other agri-food ecosystem challenges through its platform layers Cropin Apps, Cropin Data Hub, and Cropin Intelligence.

“Cropin Cloud is the world’s very first intelligent cloud platform for agriculture,” noted Vijay Nelson, chief product officer at Cropin.

”Agriculture technology is complex and needs specialised expertise in multiple areas like GIS, agri-science, AI/ML models, weather data, and IoT, among others,” he pointed out. ”Crops are copiously diversified, and the digital solutions required to monitor them need hyper-tuning.

”Cropin Cloud combines the power of a diverse set of advanced technologies, agronomy knowledge, data science and artificial intelligence. The platform offers a complete set of agriculture-specific capabilities to accelerate business growth and bring about rapid and far-reaching digital transformation in the agri-ecosystem.”