Global Berry Company appoints Garland Reiter Jr to chief commercial officer position at Driscoll’s of the Americas

Driscoll’s has announced that Garland Reiter Jr has been appointed as the new chief commercial officer (CCO) for Driscoll’s of the Americas.

Garland Reiter Jr Driscolls of the Americas

Garland Reiter Jr

The group said that Reiter would spearhead revenue growth by orchestrating the functions of sales strategy and execution, market expansion, customer development, marketing and business solutions.

”This appointment underscores Driscoll’s commitment to its generational heritage and sets the stage for continued expansion as a global, family-owned berry brand,” the group said.

“We are thrilled to welcome Garland to Driscoll’s of the Americas,” said Soren Bjorn, Driscoll’s chief executive officer.

“Garland’s deep connection to our company’s heritage, coupled with his experience and contagious energy, will undoubtedly contribute to Driscoll’s continued success,” he noted. “Garland has demonstrated he is fully committed to Driscoll’s mission, vision and values throughout his career.”

Driscoll’s stated that Reiter’s role as CCO would enable him to ”strategically scale the pivotal intersection of consumers and customers as key stakeholders” in Driscoll’s mission.

”Garland will also further strengthen his knowledge and expertise across the entirety of the value chain, from the genetic deployment of proprietary varieties to its connection and impact to building a brand for the consumer,” it added.