Proprietary Variety Management is granted the license to manage the pear in the US, which is marketed as QTee in other global growing regions


The Celina cv pear is marketed under the QTee brand in other growing regions

Proprietary Variety Management (PVM) has announced it has been granted the license to manage the Celina cv pear in the US, a move made in association with Fruithandel Wouters and ABCz Group of Belgium.

A cross between the Broket Juli and Williams (also known as Bartlett) pears, Celina cv is a medium-sized pear featuring a red blush over a light green background.   

PVM noted that growers would find the trees adapted well to warm or cool climates, were highly productive, and tolerant against fire blight.

In other growing regions of the world, Celina cv is marketed under the brand name, QTee.

PVM said its first order of business would be to conduct consumer research surveys to select a new trademark for branding the pear in the US.

As a managed variety, growers, packers and marketers will be licensed by PVM to participate in the commercial programme.

“We have received scion wood to build trees this fall and I anticipate having a limited amount of trial trees available for planting in spring 2025,” said Tyler Brandt, general manager of PVM’s sister company, Brandt’s Fruit Trees. 

Fruithandel Wouters and ABCz Group introduced the QTee brand in Belgium in 2015, and have continued to expand into additional territories each season.

“Currently, there are 800ha of Celina cv pears planted worldwide,” noted Kris Wouters, owner of Fruithandel Wouters. “We are very proud to add the United States as our 15th country under exclusive license.”