Group to bring the specialty item to select North American markets from first week of February through to mid-March

Oppy has said that it is set for an ”eruption of colour” in the first few weeks of 2023 with lemon plums brought to market for the tenth season.

Lemon Plum Volcano Plum Oppy

Representing the largest slice of lemon plum crop brought to North America, Oppy is starting off the plum season with the specialty item from the first week of February through to mid-March.

Limited volumes will arrive on the east coast for a select niche market, the group said.

“Many still call it the volcano plum because it looks like lava is pouring down its sides when the red colouring starts to present itself,” said sales manager Carl Immenhausen. “Their skin blushes as they ripen, so there is no guesswork about when to eat them.”

Named for their harvest colour, not their flavour, lemon plums are described as ”tear-drop shaped, sweet-tasting and juicy”.

“It’s a fun and different variety to bring home,” Immerhausen continued. ”Consumers love watching it change colour from yellow to red, and enjoying a unique summertime flavour during the winter months.”

Packed in a high-graphic one-pound pouch bag, the pack includes a ripening process chart to help educate and excite shoppers to try the product.