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Friday 26th March 2021, 01:47 Central Time

Escavox selected for Cultivo Virtual Academy

Six-week programme to give Australian company valuable insights for US market entry

Escavox selected for Cultivo Virtual Academy

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Australian supply chain intelligence provider Escavox is celebrating its inclusion in a programme helping technology start-ups access the US market.

Escavox is one of seven start-ups outside the US selected for the first Cultivo Virtual Academy, a concept developed by America’s Cultivation Corridor.

The start-ups will join a six-week programme designed to provide mentorship and interaction with agricultural leaders from the US state of Iowa. 

The programme also includes an online curriculum focused on US market entry, regulatory and financing systems, and customer perspectives. 

Escavox co-founder, Darryl Lyons, said the opportunity was significant, given the critical role that Iowa – a major food bowl of the US – plays in international food networks. 

“Since launching in 2018, Escavox has been working extensively with large-scale fresh produce and red meat businesses across Australia with some activity in Singapore and New Zealand,” Lyons said. 

“These are food suppliers who use our technology to achieve end-to-end visibility of their supply chains, both domestically and internationally, so they have independent information in real-time at their fingertips to adjust their logistics operations, which ultimately improves product quality and reduces waste. 

“We’re delighted to be part of the inaugural Cultivo Virtual Academy and welcome the opportunity to potentially expand our service to customers in the US.” 

Escavox deploys smart trackers to collect data related to time, temperature, and location of fresh produce and meat products as they travel through the food system. Its platform transforms this data into decision points, automatically and in real time. 

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