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Liam O'Callaghan


Wednesday 24th March 2021, 13:07 Hong Kong

WayBeyond creates global partnerships

New collaborations with companies from the US, Europe and Asia to drive ag-tech innovation

WayBeyond creates global partnerships

Lotte Bayly, head of global channels of WayBeyond

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WayBeyond has announced five global partnerships as part of a push to create ag-tech collaborations and accelerate new offerings to customers.

It has partnered with Cultivatd (Canada), Novefa (Denmark), Better Grow Hydro (US), UpGrown Farming (Singapore) and Autogrow (New Zealand), with two more partners to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Lotte Bayly, head of global channels of WayBeyond, said the company had received a positive reception since its launch earlier in 2021.

“These five partners are just the beginning. We have another 30 we are in discussions with, allowing us to have a presence in every corner of the planet,” said Bayly.

“We are delighted with the positive reception we’ve had in relation to our offerings and how we will be able to present partners with leading edge innovations they can then roll out to their customers.”

Eric Bergeron, co-founder of door farm technology broker Cultivatd, said WayBeyond would add a lot to the partnerships.

“The expertise at WayBeyond is second to none and they have developed tools that can help any indoor farmer track and manage their critical data in an effective way," Bergeron said.

One of the first WayBeyond products the partners will be introducing to their customer base is the Folium Network Sensor. Lionel Wong, managing director of Upgrown Farming, said the technology would play a pivotal role in emerging yet challenging markets in Singapore and Asia.

“Regardless of one's level of farming experience, Folium accelerates the learning curve and empowers decision making in what is a dynamic environment and market," said Wong.

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