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Thursday 3rd November 2016, 15:13 London

Eurofruit 500: issues 401-450

As the global financial crisis took hold, Europe’s market was urged to ”reassess the value of fruit and veg"

Eurofruit 500: issues 401-450

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Eurofruit's 500th issue is due to be published at the start of November, a major milestone for a publication that has been reporting on news, trends and ideas in Europe's fresh produce business ever since the European Economic Community began to expand at the start of 1973.

We have selected one important story from each of our previous issues, giving you a snapshot of key developments in the European fruit and vegetable market during the course of our 44-year history. Below, you can see what the key stories were in issues 401-450.

Timelines in this series: 1-5051-100101-150151-200201-250251-300301-350351-400451-500.

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#401 October 2007
EurepGAP rebrands as GlobalGAP and Dutch company Hillfresh begins trading, aiming to become an “ultimate new alternative” supplier for the fresh produce market.

#402 November/December 2007
Pink Lady partners with Disney for a unique European marketing push.

#403 January 2008
Univeg acquires Turkish exporter Alara.

#404 February 2008
The Greenery opens its doors to foreign grower membership.

#405 March 2008
Murcia allocates €10m over three years to converting growers to natural pest control methods.

#406 April 2008
Italy’s GF Group acquires majority shares in Argentinean suppliers Moño Azul and Salvador Liguori.

#407 May 2008
Monsanto acquires De Ruiter Seeds.

#408 June 2008
Having agreed a deal to buy Atlanta from Chiquita for €54.9m, Hein Deprez of Univeg tells FRESH2008 that the developed world must "reassess the value of fruit and veg" as purchasing power rises in emerging markets.

#409 July 2008
A transport strike paralyses much of Spain's fresh produce sector, while a summer shortage looms for Europe's citrus trade.

#410 August 2008
Freshfel welcomes new EU proposals to implement a School Fruit Scheme.

#411 September 2008
Leading Italian pear cooperatives Campogalliano and Eurofrutta join forces to form Fruit Modena Group.

#412 October 2008
Eosta introduces NZ-grown, “climate neutral” kiwifruit to Europe after teaming up with Freshco.

#413 November/December 2008
Chile, Argentina and Uruguay launch Blueberries from the South, Latin America's first joint promotion for the fruit in Europe.

#414 January 2009
The global financial crisis takes hold, affecting consumer spending, retail pricing and exchange rates, and forcing suppliers to approach major markets differently.

#415 February 2009
China opens its doors to Italian kiwifruit imports.

#416 March 2009
The Greenery announces plans to extend its pesticide reduction scheme with Bayer to global markets.

#417 April 2009
As discount retail expands, Tesco confirms it is planning a new, more direct produce sourcing strategy.

#418 May 2009
Zespri rolls out a series of high-profile marketing campaigns to "ensure strong sales across Europe”.

#419 June 2009
The World Cancer Research Fund encourages consumers to keep eating fresh produce despite cost-cutting during global recession.

#420 July 2009
Jeff Wesley of T&G attacks Zespri’s export monopoly, calling for a review of the current system.

#421 August 2009
Rewe prepares to expand its Best Alliance contract farming initiative.

#422 September 2009
Following the recent bankruptcies of rival importers Sorus and Sunway, Russian firm JFC says its share of the domestic banana market is now 40 per cent.

#423 October 2009
Eurofruit publisher Market Intelligence acquires the Fresh Produce Journal.

#424 November/December 2009
The EU's healthy eating campaign comes under fire from Freshfel and UK organisation the FPC.

#425 January 2010
Pascal Lamy of the WTO hails the end of the so-called banana wars, as the EU, US and Latin American nations reach agreement on tariffs.

#426 February 2010
EU fruit and veg imports fall as the economic downturn dampens Dutch sales in particular.

#427 March 2010
Chile’s fresh fruit industry assesses the damage caused by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

#428 April 2010
In the run-up to hosting the 2010 World Cup, South Africa spends significantly to back fruit promotions in Europe under the 'Beautiful Country, Beautiful Fruit' brand.

#429 May 2010
A volcanic eruption in Iceland causes headaches for the European fresh produce industry following a ban on flights – in particular those trying to return from EUROFRUIT and Freshfel’s FRESH Congress in St Petersburg.

#430 June 2010
Italian retailers Conad and Coop deny rumours of a boycott on Agrexco produce.

#431 July 2010
Rotterdam Fruit Wharf emerges from the wreckage of port handling firm Seabrex’s financial failure.

#432 August 2010
Amazon enters the online grocery fight with services in Germany and the UK.

#433 September 2010
A judge considering T&G’s request to remove the monopoly on NZ kiwifruit exports rules in Zespri's favour.

#434 October 2010
Supermarket pricing puts the banana trade under “intense pressure”, say commentators.

#435 November/December 2010
Freshfel says there is “much work to be done” on improving School Fruit Scheme.

#436 January 2011
New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry responds to the rapid spread of bacterial vine disease Psa by establishing a taskforce to combat the disease.

#437 February 2011
Belgian importer Special Fruit enters a new partnership with Del Sol Fresh Peru.

#438 March 2011
The European Parliament finally approves its banana tariff agreement, officially ending decades of trade disputes.

#439 April 2011
Brazilian apples specialists Renar and Pomifrai announce plans to merge.

#440 May 2011
The concept of direct produce sourcing gains greater momentum in Europe.

#441 June 2011
Zespri chief executive Lain Jager tells EUROFRUIT that the company is looking to triple its kiwifruit revenue by 2025.

#442 July 2011
Europe’s produce industry suffers greatly following an outbreak of E coli in northern Germany. The outbreak was intially, and wrongly, blamed on Spanish cucumbers.

#443 August 2011
Chilean fruit exports record “solid gains”.

#444 September 2011
UK citrus importer Eurodix enters administration.

#445 October 2011
Israeli fresh produce giant Agrexco slides into liquidation following months of speculation.

#446 November/December 2011
Norwegian importer Bama celebrates 125 years in business.

#447 January 2012
Red kiwifruit goes on sale in Italy for the first time with the launch of EnzaRed in Milan.

#448 February 2012
Pink Lady apples register record sales in the UK.

#449 March 2012
Russia's largest importer JFC files for bankruptcy.

#450 April 2012
German conglomerate BayWa gets approval for takeover of New Zealand group Turners & Growers.

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