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Spanish Orri output doubles

The variety’s popularity has also led to a rise in illegal plantings over the past year

Spanish Orri output doubles

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Orri production doubled in Spain last season according to the Orri Runing Committee (ORC), the association of producers who grow the variety.

A total of 52,000 tonnes of the mandarin variety were cultivated in 2018, up from 26,000 tonnes the previous year.

Huelva produced the largest volume, with 28 per cent of the total crop, followed by Valencia (23 per cent), Murcia (16 per cent), Castellón (14 per cent), Almería (9 per cent), Alicante (6 per cent) and Sevilla (5 per cent).

The ORC said the variety was once again the best paid in the market, with an average price of around €1/kg paid in the field.

The committee, which is made up of more than 480 producers, said it expected production to reach 60,000 tonnes in the coming season.

The variety’s profitability has also led to an increase in fraudulent plantings in the past year. The ORC said it had uprooted 40,000 illegal trees and secured the removal of 400 tonnes of fruit from the market.

The Orri mandarin is known for its easy peeling, low seed content and sweet taste. In addition, its firm skin provides greater protection both on the tree and during the postharvest period, extending its marketing window to five months from December to May.


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