Growing Pink Lady’s global appeal

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Growing Pink Lady’s global appeal

New partnership set to expand brand’s market bases and investment opportunities

Growing Pink Lady’s global appeal

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A joint venture between Apple & Pear Australia Limited (APAL) and French based nursery company Star Fruits is aiming to enhance Pink Lady’s global appeal.

 Pink Lady Development Pty Ltd (PLD) will oversee the development of new market opportunities and generate avenues for product investment for the brand.

 APAL managing director and PLD chairman, Jon Durham, said the partnership would help the brand realise its enormous potential in emerging markets such as Russia, India and China.

 “The joint venture will assist licensees in each territory to better manage market development opportunities while maintaining a highly consistent brand presence in the global market place,” Durham said.

 “This business model will allow resources and expertise from its mature markets to support expansion and development opportunities for the Pink Lady brand in evolving markets.”

 The company will also help coordinate supply and quality controls, assisting in the selection of import licensees and licensed distributors, along with giving support to licensed suppliers in technical packing and quality management.

  “Up until now, we have had the various master licensees across many countries working to develop emerging opportunities,” Durham said.

“However, with the development responsibility now vested in PLD, Pink Lady will now streamline activities to ensure greater success.”

 Star Fruits, a Pink Lady licensee, holds the propagation rights for Cripps Pink and the master licence for Pink Lady trademarks across Europe.

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