The 2020/21 Ambrosia apple campaign has got off to a flying start, with a good quality crop leading to strong demand reported in Mediterranean markets.

The season marks the launch of the first ever consumer marketing campaign after four years of promotions aimed at wholesalers and retailers.

The campaign will feature digital activities focusing on health and flavour through social networks and influencers, as well as a brand new television advert that launches in November.

Marco Rivoira of Piedmont-based Rivoira Group, which markets the variety together with the Val Venosta Cooperatives Association, VIP, said production is stable at 24,000 tonnes this season.

“Although we were concerned about the high temperatures during the first part of September, cooler days finally arrived, allowing the fruit to achieve colouration,” he said.

“The sizes are medium to large and ideal for Mediterranean markets – in fact I was surprised by the strong start in Italy and Spain. Even though we were working at full speed at the end of September, we couldn't fulfil all the requests, it was really incredible.”

VIP’s commercial director Fabio Zanesco said the variety “meets consumer demand for sweet apples with premium positioning, which are capable of providing a superior taste experience”.

Zanesco added that this season would see a greater availability of apples marketed under the Gold Rosé brand, especially in Italy, while “volumes of Ambrosia Bio are also growing, with the campaign set to run through to January 2021”.

The variety is sold in Italy, Germany, Scandinavia and Spain, and the first volumes are also on their way to Asia. The apples will be available until March/April.

The two companies said production is set to be ramped up in the coming years, especially from 2022/23 onwards.

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