The Assembly hosts a conference covering the implementation of the new CAP and the Green Deal, as well as the draft EU regulation on packaging

Areflh hosted a public conference in Spain on 23 March covering the new CAP and the European regulation on packaging.

Areflh CAP packaging event

The event, held in Lleida and co-organised by Afrucat, was seen as an opportunity to delve into the sensitive issues and dossiers that accompany the implementation of the new CAP and the Green Deal.

Climate change was the first topic addressed during the public conference, an issue described as ”of strong concern” for Areflh’s members.

The discussion led to the creation of a new working group on water, with representatives of regions and member producers pledging to exchange on the consequences of the lack of water in their territories, and on the short- and medium-term solutions to guarantee agricultural production.

Another major challenge highlighted was new diseases and pests, the occurrences of which are increasing with climate change.

It was suggested that the new draft regulation of the European Commission, which calls for a 50 per cent reduction in the use of pesticides, means that farmers lack adequate tools to fight those threats.

Areflh said that despite a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture, growers were concerned that a decrease in production could lead to compromising food sovereignty in Europe.

Packaging under the spotlight

The second key topic discussed during the public conference was the draft EU regulation on packaging. 

This regulation proposes the elimination of packaging for fruit and vegetable confections weighing less than 1.5kg, with ”insufficient exemptions to guarantee optimum transport, export and the best possible quality at the point of sale”.

Areflh outlined that it was in regular contact with the European Commission and the European Parliament over the dossier.

“This dossier is crucial and particular attention from Areflh is required in the coming months,” said president Simona Caselli.

”We must continue our work with the institutions to guarantee a harmonisation of the legislations on packaging,” Caselli outlined. ”We also need to make end consumers aware of the efforts made by the sector and of the innovations in this field.”

A further round table dealt with the new CAP programming. Interventions focused on the new legislative framework, the elements of continuity and divergence with the old regulation, as well as opportunities for exchanges between stakeholders.