Be Climate blog

Port International has launched a blog dedicated to its climate neutral brand, Be Climate, to give consumers an insight into the projects the German importer and its partners are engaged in.

Inside Be Climate follows the launch of at the start of the year, a site offering consumers transparent and extensive information on the brand and the underlying concept.

“We motivate our partners to analyse their processes and tap their full potential for reduction,' said CEO Mike Port. 'Many of the companies we work with have already implemented reduction measures and are now planning their next activities.”

The extensive measures cover solar energy, wind energy, revegetation, water treatment, e-drive, recycling, fossil fuel conservation and energy efficiency.

'It’s not only the compensation, but above all the reduction of CO2 emissions that will make the decisive difference in the long term,' the company stated. 'This is why Be Climate commits itself to reducing emissions caused along the entire supply chain.'

In addition to the blog, Be Climate is launching an eight-week social media campaign themed 'We are Be Climate because...', which will pick up on individual reduction categories and link them to the blog.

'The individual blog posts will show to the interested reader, for example, how a Peruvian banana producer reuses the banana process water for the irrigation of their plantation,' the company said, 'how a container terminal operates in a climate-neutral way, and how a cucumber producer from Gran Canaria generates enough energy for the company by using their own wind parks.'