New variety Canopy from the IFO breeding programme is seen by its French breeders, Dalival, as an alternative to Granny in the green apple market

French topfruit and stonefruit breeder Dalival has announced the launch of Canopy, a new green apple variety from the IFO breeding programme that is seen as a potential challenger to the well known Granny.

Based in Villers-Cotterets in the northern region of Hauts-de-France, Dalival describes the variety as “green, juicy and very crisp”.

“With a level of acidity comparable to Granny Smith, it has a higher sugar content and better flavours,” the breeder said. “It will not disappoint consumers of green apples, while it may appeal to those who find Granny too tart and/or bland.”



IFO is a leading private company specialised in the research and development of new varieties and rootstocks of apple and pear trees. 

Valerie Fouillet, manager of breeding and selection, commented: “Canopy was bred in 2004 as part of a programme aiming to find green varieties carrying the Rvi6 gene. The variety was found among a few hybrids after four years of observation, and as the selection process progressed, Canopy proved to be a better alternative to Granny, especially for its good agronomic behaviour and eating qualities. Its potential was then confirmed through the numerous trials planted in Europe.” 

With the gene Rvi6 (Vf) for scab tolerance, Canopy may offer an alternative for the green apple market, according to Jean-Sébastien Berger, sales manager at Dalival. 

“To date, there are few green, disease-resistant varieties on the market,” he said. “Canopy will therefore be able to meet a real demand from growers and consumers. For this reason, we have decided to make this variety available to as many fruit growers as possible in a very wide area.”

“Canopy trees have an open habit (type 3), which is easier to manage in the orchard than Granny Smith (type 4), especially for a narrow 2D hedge/fruit wall orchard,” the company explained. “Fruit set is also faster than Granny. Productivity is good and regular. Its blossom and picking dates are very similar to those of Granny Smith. Its susceptibility to pink blush is equivalent or even lower than Granny Smith under our conditions (Loire Valley in France).”