Mohamed Wafaey, managing director and deputy chairman of Capital Agro, a leading Egyptian exporter of citrus and other fruits, talks about the growing importance of sustainability for the company

As demand for Egyptian citrus continues to grow from Europe, how important is it to provide the best quality to your customers?

Mohamed Wafaey: Our aim is to provide customers with the freshest and most flavourful fruits while supporting the growth of the agricultural sector in our region. We have invested in state-of-the-art storage and cooling facilities that are equipped with the latest technologies to preserve the fruits’ freshness. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of experts who closely monitor every step of the export process to ensure that the fruits are handled and transported under optimal conditions.

Mohamed Wafaey, Capital Agro

Mohamed Wafaey

The citrus and fresh fruits industry has seen notable advancements in both products and technology. We have introduced new varieties of citrus fruits that offer unique flavours and characteristics, appealing to the evolving tastes of consumers. Additionally, technology plays a crucial role in enhancing our operations. We have implemented advanced packaging techniques that ensure optimal freshness and extended shelf-life. Furthermore, precision agriculture techniques and data-driven farming practices are enabling us to optimise crop yields and minimise environmental impact.

So sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority?

MW: Sustainability and environmental responsibility are integral parts of our business philosophy. We actively promote sustainable farming practices among our partner farmers, encouraging the use of organic fertilisers and environmentally friendly pest control methods. Moreover, we constantly strive to minimise our carbon footprint by optimising transportation routes and exploring eco-friendly packaging options.

We are observing a growing demand for organic and sustainably produced fruits. As a result, we are investing in sustainable cultivation practices and obtaining relevant certifications to cater to this trend. Additionally, digital marketing and e-commerce platforms are playing an increasingly significant role in reaching consumers directly. We are adapting our marketing strategies to leverage these platforms and connect with consumers in a more personalised and efficient manner.

Concerning exports, what are your objectives this year?

MW: Our primary objective is to expand our export volumes to various markets. We aim to increase our presence in key regions such as North America, Asia and the Middle East. Additionally, we are focused on diversifying our product offerings to meet the specific demands of each market. We conduct thorough market research and work closely with our customers to understand their preferences. We adapt our packaging, labelling and delivery options accordingly, ensuring that our products meet the specific standards and preferences of each market.