BelOrta Earth concept

Belgium’s BelOrta cooperative is launching a new concept called Earth to better market those products that are currently in conversion to organic cultivation.

According to the group, the aim is to provide more and better information to customers and consumers, while also creating better market opportunities for products that are in conversion.

The delay between making the shift to organic cultivation and being able to sell the product as organic is part of what makes going organic so difficult, the cooperative said.

In addition, the concept of “product in conversion” is little known to consumers, meaning even retailers wishing to support such products have difficulties in communication and sales.

“For many customers, it is very difficult to offer one organic and product in conversion together because communication with the consumer in this regard is not easy,” said Jo Lambrecht, marketing and sales manager at BelOrta. “Nevertheless, good marketing of and appreciation for fresh fruit and vegetables in transition is necessary to achieve further growth in organic production. This requires efforts from everyone in the chain, from the field to the plate.”

Earth stands for Environmentally friendly; Always improving; Rooted in nature; Towards a prosperous future for people and planet; and Healthy enjoyment.

“We want to draw the attention of consumers to these fruits and vegetables with open communication and the creation of awareness about products in transition to organic,” added Lambrecht.