The varietal manager behind brands including Migo and Kanzi has launched Sprizzle, described as “the optimistic apple”

EFC, variety manager of brands including Kanzi, has announced the launch of the Sprizzle apple concept, which it says can redefine the taste experience in the category.


With fruit consumption on the decline, EFC said innovation was essential to give the apple category a boost.

“EFC is determined to achieve further growth with the introduction of Sprizzle and contribute to a sustainable future for licensed apple growers,” the company said.

Sprizzle is the brand name of the new apple variety “Sunspark,” which is a cross between Nicoter and Honeycrisp.

The apple is currently being grown by a group of selected growers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, with the first commercial volumes now available and plans for controlled growth of the cultivated area.

“Several retailers have already indicated that they want to include this new concept as a first mover in their assortment,” EFC revealed. “During grower events in the Lake Constance and Heilbronn-Öhringen regions, a large group of interested growers visited Sunspark orchards to learn about this new variety and attend the unveiling of the new brand concept.”

The company said the apple’s “sweet taste, refreshing notes and crisp, fine texture” gave it a champagne-like quality popular with consumers, while eye-catching packaging and positive messaging were apparently well received by growers.

“Sprizzle is the optimistic apple on a mission to remind the world how sweet and exciting life is,” goes the message.

“In a world where people need positivity, Sprizzle offers a unique experience that goes beyond just an unforgettable taste experience,” EFC stated. “Eye-catching packaging and an original and innovative communication strategy are part of the Sprizzle branding concept that EFC is using not only to stand out on the shelf, but also to put the apple back at the centre of people’s daily diets.”