Jazz New Season TandG

New season Jazz apples are expected to arrive in various European supermarkets this week, with supplier T&G Global classing the crop as “impressive, with a rich colour and refreshingly tangy- sweet taste.”

Frank Alluine, T&G Global’s European varietal development manager, said the company is expecting above-average quality apples and a record volume crop this season.

“Our Jazz apples are looking great in terms of colour, texture and flavour. The superb quality of our new season fruit is an absolute credit to our passionate growers’ great efforts, despite challenging weather,” said Alluine.

“We’re forecasting a record volume of about 40,000 tonnes from the European growing regions in France, South Tyrol, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the UK, we’ve also had a promising season and are expecting a volume of around 8,000 tonnes.”

Alluine said the new season Jazz apples are particularly crunchy, juicy and refreshing, matching the brand’s new look and feel.

“Earlier this year, we refreshed the brand’s look and feel to reinforce the unique qualities and flavour profile [of Jazz apples]. We also developed new packaging formats to support the Jazz snacking occasion.”

This season, new recyclable packaging formats are being rolled out in Europe to support the company’s sustainability goals of having 100 per cent recyclable packaging by 2025.

“Sustainability plays a central role in our production. Almost 80 per cent of our European apple supply is grown in France, where all growers have a High Environmental Value certificate,” noted Alluine. “To receive this certificate for agricultural operations, our growers must meet strict criteria which includes sustainable water management and preservation of biodiversity.”