Purchase of land for blueberry nursery development marks “pivotal moment” in the company’s European growth strategy

Fall Creek has announced the acquisition of a 50ha land parcel in Moara Vlasiei, Romania, from real estate developer Portland Trust.

Fall Creek blueberry tunnels

The blueberry genetics and nursery company called it a ”landmark transaction” that signified a pivotal moment in its growth strategy within the European market.

The acquired land will be the site of Fall Creek’s new state-of-the-art blueberry nursery, which it said was poised to become a central hub for innovation in blueberry stock production.

Fall Creek’s supply chain capabilities would be bolstered by the move, the group continued, ensuring the provision of high-quality blueberry plants to growers throughout Europe.

Furthermore, the group noted that its R&D team was leading an initiative to develop a blueberry applied research farm in Romania.

This project would focus on accelerating the development of superior new high chill blueberry varieties, concentrating on mechanical harvesting for the fresh market, climate adaptation, and improvement of growing technics.

“The acquisition of this land in Moara Vlăsiei is a key part of our growth strategy,” confirmed Burgert van Dyk, EMEA regional director at Fall Creek.

”We are excited to bring our expertise to Europe and contribute to the region’s agricultural landscape.”

Fall Creek said it remained steadfast in its commitment to not only benefit the entire industry – from growers to consumers in Romania and surrounding regions – but also to yield positive environmental impacts and tangible benefits to the local community.