Launch of new recyclability certification label highlights sustainability of wooden packaging

The Spanish Federation of Wood Packaging and its Components (Fedemco) has announced the launch of the Ecowoox label, the first certification mark for wooden packaging, guaranteeing total recyclability.


Fedemco’s AGM was held recently in Valencia

The move was announced at Fedemco’s AGM, which took place in Valencia recently. Enrique Soler, Fedemco’s president, said: “Wooden containers are 100 per cent recyclable, but right now we lack a joint certification that proves it in a tangible way.

“We are responsible for obtaining it, not the suppliers. Together with them we created a collaborative group. We work in the circular economy in which we need to collaborate with all the links in the chain. This is an essential step to be in line with new packaging legislation”.

During the meeting, Fedemco also reaffirmed its commitment to Grow International, the federation representing the wooden packaging sector in Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Fedemco said this would enable it to represent the wooden packaging sector in the European institutions.

In Spain, Fedemco said it will work with Ecoembes, the organisation responsible for the recycling of domestic waste in Spain, to improve communication and awareness about the correct recycling of these wooden containers.

It also announced a pilot project with Mercasa, the company in charge of managing the Spanish wholesale markets, to centralise the collection of wooden containers in the markets.

Furthermore, Fedemco has enlisted Imedes, the Mediterranean Institute for Sustainable Development, to carry out a study on the wood packaging sector in Spain. The results will be released in the coming monthgs.

“Wood is a 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable raw material, which has a negative carbon footprint and a minimal water footprint; characteristics that make it the most sustainable packaging,” Fedemco said.

Since 1991, Fedemco has represented Spanish companies that manufacture wooden containers for fresh produce, as well as pallets, boxes and cases for agri-food, industrial packaging, wooden packaging components, plywood, machinery and other supplies.