Agreement will promote sustainable development, training on packaging and good sectoral practices, valid until 2025

Fedemco, Spain’s federation of wooden containers and their components, and Andalusian strawberry interprofessional association Interfresa have signed an agreement to work together on the implementation of new national and European regulations on packaging and waste management.


Huelva’s berry industry is a big user of Spanish wooden packaging, which Fedemco argues is the most sustainable choice as it is 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable raw material with a negative carbon footprint and minimal water footprint.

Emilio Laguna, a member of Fedemco’s steering committee, commented: “The European Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste now makes it more important than ever to work hand in hand with fruit and vegetable producers.

“We want to be by your side in this transition towards a more sustainable economic model. It is vital for both sectors that the information provided is rigorous and based on technical knowledge of production: of the product and of the packaging.”

José Luis García-Palacios, president of Interfresa, said the deal was evidence of the progress in Huelva’s berry sector towards its sustainability goals.

“Wood is an essential raw material in the packaging of our products. We must have all the guarantees that these containers, the presentation letter of our fruits in the markets, are produced under the strictest sustainability standards and, of course, that the labelling regulations are followed so that the information is truthful and accessible to consumers,” he said.

Under the agreement, training will be provided on packaging, good sectoral practices and unfair competition. The ultimate goal is to guarantee a circular economy model that ensures the recyclability of the packaging placed on the market is the ultimate goal.

Regarding the manufacture and preparation of wooden containers for commercial purposes, both organisations will guarantee compliance with requirements covering food safety.

Fedemco recently developed its own certification scheme to make it easier for its customers to comply with the new packaging legislation. Ecowoox provides a guarantee of full recyclability as required under European law.