Group is supporting the Italian food industry through its nature-based shelf-life solution for key vegetable ingredients

Food Freshly Macfrut 2024

Shelf-life preservation specialist Food Freshly is showcasing the advantages of its sulfite-free and preservative-free fresh produce preservation applications at MacFrut, which is taking place in Rimini this week.

Already recognised for extending the shelf-life of a range of products, from lettuce to apple slices, the group said that its nature-based preservation solution was now available for an extensive range of specialist vegetables, including aubergines, artichokes and chicory.

In addition to typically extending product shelf-life by up to 12 days when processed fresh, product structure as well as colour is maintained for longer periods as a result of a short immersion – several seconds – in the solution.

“This application is giving customers the ability to offer fresh products to restaurants and retail consumers,” said Food Freshly sales director for Italy Nicola Severo.

“In a lot of cases, certain vegetables would have to undergo a heat treatment or would be sold in a glass jar. Food freshly is enabling fresh-cut processors to offer better and fresher quality in the market compared to previous or traditional alternatives.”

Food Freshly outlined how it worked with fresh-cut processors worldwide to improve product quality, food safety and process efficiency.

It noted that its Freshness Retainers extended the shelf-life of cut fruits and vegetables from up to 12 days to more than 21 days.

”To achieve this, Food Freshly exclusively uses nature-based ingredients without sulfites or allergens, which comply with all major food legislation and are used by customers around the world to add value and quality to their products,” the group stated.

“In addition, Food Freshly is a planning and development partner of the fresh produce sector, addressing customer needs, such as cost reduction, and sales growth. Constant innovation, customer support and long-term experience are the foundation of our fresh-cut solutions.”