French association Interfel has been promoting the country’s apples across Asia this season, including a campaign in major cities in Thailand, a key market for French exporters

Interfel, the association for fresh fruit and vegetables from France, has been actively promoting French apples in Thailand this season, following a successful press event in Bangkok.

French apples in Thailand

French apple promotions in Thailand (Photo: Interfel)

The main activities around the promotion began in December 2023 and are reportedly set to last until March this year.

These included 12 roadshows and 355 sampling sessions, organised with the main retailers in the country, including Big C, Makro, Lotus and Tops, focusing on Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other cities.

“Sampling, push selling and tasting took place to highlight and promote the diversity and quality of French apples to local consumers,” Interfel stated on LinkedIn. “Thailand is a key market for fresh fruits and vegetables, and Interfel has been active in this country for decades.”

The campaign forms part of a new programme co-financed by the EU to promote French fruits and vegetables all over Asia.