Key speakers at Global Tomato Congress will offer delegates the benefits of their consumer research into what shoppers are looking for in terms of taste, look, packaging and messaging when the tomato event returns to The Hague on 14-15 May

How do you get inside the mind of the tomato consumer? Maybe you just ask them.

Global Tomato Congress 2023

It can be expensive and time-consuming, but getting the direct opinions of shoppers in-store remains by far the best way to find out what consumers actually look for in a product and how effective the current messaging, especially on aspects like taste, health and sustainability, really is.

That’s what two of the companies participating at this year’s Global Tomato Congress have done, so the rest of us don’t have to.

Arnaud Lefebvre and Zinaida Kapustina of Franco-Moroccan producer Azura will look at how its consumer research has informed its communication on packaging, steering shoppers to the right tomato for the right occasion, and creating occasions for consumption throughout the day.

Martijn Van Keulen of Dutch producer RedStar uses his research to highlight the need to shift consumer behaviour and encourage a new mindset of making better, more informed choices, as well as nudging retailers to adapt packaging requirements for online versus in-store purchases.

Global Tomato Congress shows the importance of tomato specialists coming together and sharing valuable insights, research and information for the benefit of the entire tomato category. 

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