Avocados, berries and herbs from a range of countries are among the products that will be on show in Madrid next month

New procurement opportunities offered by producers from developing and emerging countries will be presented by the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) at Fruit Attraction, which takes place from 3-5 October in Madrid.

Kenyan avocados picked MUST CREDIT Karakuta Farm

Image: Karakuta Farm

Avocado producers from four countries – Peru, Ecuador, Kenya and Morocco – will be represented at the IPD stand, while the import promotion initiative at Fruit Attraction will arrange contact with suppliers of berries from Egypt, Morocco and Jordan.

Fresh herbs will also be on show in Madrid from Egyptian and Kenyan growers, IPD noted.

In total, the IPD stand will feature almost 30 companies from developing and emerging countries.

”At the IPD stand, interested buyers will get to know producers of Hass avocados from four different countries,” IPD said. ”Peru is one of the largest and best-known avocado producers in the world. Ecuador is less established on the avocado market, but also offers excellent quality.

”Many of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the IPD programme produce their Hass avocados in organic quality. The South American IPD partner countries already complement each other well with their harvest windows.

”The African producers from Kenya and Morocco are expanding the availability of avocados on the European market.

”Kenyan producers, for example, can deliver from spring to autumn,” the group noted. ”Compared to Kenya, Morocco is not yet a well-known avocado producer. However, the IPD companies from Morocco can convince with their product quality and their proximity to Europe.”

The IPD said it had also responded to the popularity of fresh berries and expanded its range accordingly, accompanying strawberry producers from Egypt and Jordan to Madrid.

”Moroccan producers will bring strawberries, blueberries and raspberries,” it outlined. ”The short distances to Europe are a strong argument in favour of Morocco, in addition to the high quality.

”The berry harvest in Morocco starts a few weeks earlier than in Europe as well,” IPD added. ”Because of this, Moroccan berries optimally complement the European offer.”