Prince de Bretagne courgettes

With the coronavirus pandemic causing a surge in demand for organic foods in France – some of the country’s organic food shops have reported sales increases of over 40 per cent – pressure on growers to meet supply demands is considerable.

However, Brittany-based Prince de Bretagne has stressed its commitment to meet its customers’ needs both at home and abroad during the current crisis, including for organics.

The marketer provided an update on its organic spring range, with 55 tonnes of organic Primaline potatoes expected by the end of April and 617 tonnes of courgettes anticipated for the season.

The first organic artichokes are just becoming available, starting with Petit Violet and followed by Camus and Cardinal, while the bulk of the forecast 46 tonnes of rhubarb will be available next month.

May will also see the arrival of organic cucumbers, iceberg lettuce and a wide assortment of tomatoes, including vine, cocktail, Coeur de Pigeon, Saveurs d’Antan and heirloom varieties.

Another newcomer for this year will be organic Oyster mushrooms, which along with shiitakes are expected to reach 11 tonnes for the season, the marketer revealed. Meanwhile, the first volumes of organic broccoli are reportedly forecast for the end of May and early June.