Some 180,000 tonnes of Pink Lady and PinKids apples were sold in Europe this season, growth of 3 per cent

Foto: Pink Lady®

Image: Pink Lady

Pink Lady has said that its sales have been holding up well amid the “unprecedented context” of double-digit inflation in the food sector throughout Europe.

Sales of Pink Lady and PinKids sub-brands in Europe came in at at 180,000 tonnes, up 3 per cent on last season.

The apple brand said this volume allowed it to maintain stable or slightly declining market shares, while ”consolidating its position as leader in the premium segment”.

Penetration also held up well, at almost 50 per cent in Ireland and over 20 per cent in Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany and the UK, it noted.

”These results have been made possible by the solid partnerships forged with the retail sector and the efforts made by the association and its network to keep boosting the category,” Pink Lady Europe outlined.

”With 742 promotional campaigns, Pink Lady has reached similar figures to those of 2020-2021, a historic year in terms of both volumes and promotions,” it continued. ”These campaigns covered 12 per cent of total volumes (up 18 per cent on the previous year) and focused not just on price but also on commitment, transparency and proximity, all values shared with its European consumers.

”So despite a season affected by the current economic climate, Pink Lady Europe has been defending its positions and is still creating value for the entire network, right through to consumers,” it added.

Looking ahead to the 2023/24 season, Pink Lady said that to date, fruit size and load had been good, and the potential volume of Pink Lady brand orchards was estimated at 225,000 tonnes.

”From now on, growers will be keeping an eye on the arrival of high temperatures in order to manage their water supply as effectively as possible.”