PinKids 6 Pack 3D

Apple and Pear Australia (APAL) – which owns and manages the Pink Lady trademark – has unveiled a new look for the Pink Lady sub-brand PinKids.

ThePinKidsbrandwas launched nearly a decade agoin the UKandEurope as a way to add value to fruit thatdid not meet size standards by marketing it to children.

Craig Chester, APAL’s head of commercial and brand development, saidPinKids was a great example of a branding opportunity that benefited both customers and growers.

“It creates opportunities forgrowers to receive better returns for more of their crop. Taking an industry reality (variable fruit size),and applyingcleverbranding to match a consumer need (smaller sizes for kids),” Chester said.

“All Pink Lady licensed growers and packers withinour manygrowing regions, from time to time, have the opportunity to use thePinKidsbrand where they have small-sized fruit which meets the Pink Lady quality specifications.ThePink Ladysub-brand helps maintain a higher price for growers.”

The marketing message behind the refreshed brand will highlight the 'perfect' serving size of PinKids for children. Meanwhile, while new brand mascots will be shown running, playing, learning and living active, healthy lives and will tie in with annual back-to-school and children’s health awareness days.

“Consumers we spoke to in Australia in 2018, specifically families,said they likeasmaller-sizedpiece offruit. Thefun, appealingPinKidspackaging, and small size fruit for small-sized hands is well received by consumers,” said Chester.

“New100 per cent recyclable packagingoptionsarealso the result of consumer insights and ‘greener’ purchasing choices by parents.”

Chester said the refreshed brand would elevate another outlet for Pink Lady exporters.

“The brand is there for the exclusive use of Pink Lady export licensees, including those in Australia licensed within the Pink Lady network,” said Chester.

“Most of the large retailers across the UK and Europe will sell thePinKidsbranded fruit from time to time – programs will be based on seasonal sizes and grading. There is also interest inPinKidsin the US, South-East Asia, The Gulf and European countries.”