Collaboration with Hivekovics Family Orchards will test strawberry varieties on-site to expand product diversity for supermarkets

Port International has announced a new Exclusive Partner Farm, Hivekovics Family Orchards in Kisrécse, Hungary.

Candela strawberries Port International Hivekovics Family Orchards Hungary

According to the company, the partnership marked a “significant step” towards sustainable agriculture while providing a wide range of high-quality strawberries for the European market.

Hivekovics Family Orchards produces over 400 tonnes of strawberries annually on 14ha of land, with an aim of increasing yearly volumes to over 1,000 tonnes with an additional 17ha.

Port collaborates with the Hungarian farm to test various strawberry varieties on-site as it looks to expand product diversity for supermarkets.

One of these test varieties is Candela, known for its intense flavour, long shelf-life and high resistance, Port noted.

Kisrécse offered ”ideal conditions” for strawberry cultivation while also being close to customers in the Central European market, which allowed for harvesting and delivery on the same day.

Port stated that Ákos Hivekovics, CEO of Hivekovics Family Orchards, had been advocating for the protection of the planet’s natural habitats for over 25 years, founding the farm to promote sustainable agricultural practices and create a better future.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our efforts,” said Hivekovics.

”We aim to reduce the use of groundwater and surface water and avoid the use of chemicals,” he explained. ”Our strawberries are irrigated with collected rainwater, and we are investing in the development of a large water reservoir to cover up to 100 % of our water demand on the farm.”

Furthermore, the producer relies on organic techniques to maintain soil quality and ensure soil with natural nutrients.

“Having Hivekovics Family Orchards in our Exclusive Partner Programme is another milestone on our journey towards a more sustainable future,” said Philippe Peiró, one of the managing directors of Port International European Sourcing.

”We are proud to offer high-quality strawberries together that are not only delicious but also grown in an environmentally friendly way,” he added.