Turkish fig exporters report high quality for the upcoming Black Bursa season, with weather conditions currently remaining favourable

As the cherry season in Turkey draws to a close, the attention of many Turkish exporters turns to figs. According to Yigit Gökyigit of Alanar, the first crop of Black Bursa figs, the most popular variety in Turkey, grown in the Bursa region, is expected to start in the third week of August.

Alanar Yigit Gökyigit

Alanar’s Yigit Gökyigit

“Some early varieties have already started,” he says at the start of August. “However, the very well known Turkish fig is the Black Bursa, and we have another three weeks before the first crop starts. So far, we expect a great season.”

Alanar is not just an exporter but also a grower of figs. After the company was acquired in 2018 by Tekfen Holding, one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey, huge investments have been put into new plantings, including of Black Bursa figs.

“We expect to harvest over 2,000 tonnes of figs annually from our own orchards after 2028,” says Gökyigit. “This year, we will produce approximately 150-200 tonnes of figs in our own orchards, which makes Alanar the biggest black fig grower in the country. We expect great quality this season, both in our own orchards and in the Bursa region.”

So far, Alanar’s orchards and those across Bursa have been unaffected by any unfavourable climatic conditions. Last year, however, some villages in Bursa were hit by bad weather after the season had started. “We hope to have perfect weather until the end of the season,” says Gökyigit.

For many years, Alanar’s main market has been Europe and East Asia, with expectations of reaching over 20 countries this campaign. “We expect to deliver our world-famous Turkish figs all over the world,” says Gökyigit, “including in Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore.”