Leadership programme completes third year with a new generation of leaders  


HAB Bold Class 3

The US Hass Avocado Board (HAB) has announced twelve new graduates from its third annual Board Leadership Development (Bold) programme. 

The graduates represent the third back-to-back group of leaders to have completed a year-long, intensive study which includes in-person instruction at the University of California, Davis that covers the core responsibilities and operations of a successful board.  

“The avocado marketplace in the US is highly competitive and industry success relies on our ability to keep building demand in pace with the dynamic growth in global supply,” said John McGuigan, director of industry affairs for the Hass Avocado Board.  

“Invested stakeholders from across the supply chain and the various countries of origin agree we have a responsibility to develop future leaders for this industry and aligned four years ago to develop Bold as a key resource to identify and develop the talent needed.” 

Completing the Bold programme allows leaders to contribute to the future of the avocado industry at a higher level and join the ranks of previous Bold graduates already serving on boards in the avocado industry.  

The graduates of Bold Class 3 include Olivia Avellaneda, Importer, London Fruit; Victoria Cao, Importer/Producer, Del Rey Avocado; Lilia Carmen, Importer, Mission Produce; Michael Craviotto, Producer, Grace Farms and Orchards; Emely Allen Fernandes, Importer, Mission Produce; Jorge Mario Gomez, Importer/Producer, Henry Avocado; Nick Lahr, Importer, Calavo Growers; Nathan Lurie, Producer, Brokaw Ranch Company; Alfredo Rodriguez, Importer, Villita Avocados; Daniel Ruiz, Producer, International Fresh Guacamole; Casey Stoops, Producer, Hidden Springs Ranch; Jennifer Zendejas, Importer, West Pak Avocado. 

 The fourth intake into the Bold programme began coursework in April.