Rimini-based trade event has launched a digital education platform for the international fresh produce business 

Mangoes Macfrut

Avocados and mangoes featured in one of the Macfrut Academy sessions

One of the new additions to Macfrut 2024 is the Macfrut Academy, an innovative digital platform for the international fruit and vegetable supply chain.

Specifically designed to address the global need for knowledge that is being increasingly felt by the industry, it will keep exhibitors and visitors involved throughout the year in the run-up to the 41st edition of Macfrut, to be held at the Rimini Expo Centre from 8-10 May 2024.

This initiative kicked off a few months ago and is completely free of charge. Each video lesson will be released at a set date and time as a preview and will then be available for on-demand viewing.

The web platform can be accessed from the Macfrut website, and you can watch video previews after registering for free.

Lasting about 30 minutes each and available in four different languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish), the video lessons are held by several fruit and vegetable experts and are intended for sector professionals seeking to improve their overall awareness.

The idea underlying Macfrut’s digital project is to meet the demand for knowledge by setting up a hub that will enable people to stay connected and keep up to date with the industry all year round. The video lessons will cover a wide range of topics, such as individual supply chains and emerging products, as well as production techniques and technologies.

The key figures and data required to analyse the market or evaluate a technology will also be provided, with the participation of leading experts in each subject area covered. 

One of the strengths of the Academy’s video lessons is their hands-on approach, since they demonstrate in practice how to solve a problem or use a machine. With contributions from numerous experts in the field, the Macfrut Academy is aimed at disseminating different ideas in order to offer multiple perspectives and innovative insights to companies.

The first two video lessons hosted on this innovative platform were held in November and January, with the potato supply chain and the European market for mangoes and avocados as the main themes respectively.

The video lesson on potatoes discussed the supply chain, from harvesting in the fields to packaging in the warehouse, focusing especially on the new technologies used in various processes.

The latest video lesson, meanwhile, is dedicated to two fruits – mangoes and avocados: in fact, mango and avocado production has increased exponentially in the last decade.

In particular, special emphasis was placed on the European market, and specifically on several fruit and vegetable markets, including the Ortomercato in Milan, the Centro Agroalimentare in Rome, the Marché International de Rungis in Paris, and the Mercabarna in Barcelona.

The trade dynamics of 2023 were analysed by looking at these four different markets, with most of the video lesson focusing exclusively on Italy, where the demand for avocados has increased by 179 per cent in the last five years. 

To make sure you don’t miss the next lessons and to browse all Macfrut Academy content, please feel free to register at: academy.macfrut.com

For further information, email academy@macfrut.com