Frieda’s Branded Produce says mainstream food industry is “falling in love” with the fruit

In the US, Frieda’s Branded Produce is championing passion fruit, which has been named as flavour of the year for 2022 by Food and Beverage flavour house Monin.

Frieda's Specialty Produce passion fruit cut and drink

Frieda’s described the fruit as an ”excellent communicator of ripeness”, with a thick purple skin that wrinkles when ripe and small, black, crunchy, edible seeds surrounded by a brightly coloured pulp with a sweet and tart tropical flavour.

“We love to share our passion for our products, but it’s even more exciting when we see that the mainstream food industry has fallen in love too,” said Cindy Sherman, director of marketing for Frieda’s Branded Produce.

Traditionally used to make juices, passion fruit is described by Frieda’s as ”this summer’s most versatile tropical flavour”, elevating drinks, dressing up proteins and adding a burst of flavour to salads, grain bowls and smoothies.

The company said it was most excited about the Florida-grown Thailong variety, known to keep fresh longer, ”delivering a tasteful balance of tart and tropical flavours”.