Mandarins and oranges have been released for licensing in the Southern Hemisphere and North America

The Citrus Breeding Program of Uruguay has announced that is has released a new set of mandarins and oranges through the National Citrus Consortium.

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According to the programme, the varieties are the result of 30 years of research and development involving the National Agricultural Research Institute of Uruguay (INIA) and the University of the Republic of Uruguay (Udelar).

The varieties have been ”thoroughly selected, covering a wide market window, and tested by growers and consumers, coping the new trend in citrus consumption”, INIA stated.

The new varieties were released this year in the Mediterranean Basin and Uruguay’s Citrus Consortium is now looking to expand its licensed territories to the Southern Hemisphere and North America.

A new call for candidates to manage the license for evaluation, development, production and commercialisation of the new varieties has been opened.

“This is an excellent opportunity to boost market strengths and build up long-term R&D alliances for developing new citrus varieties,” said Dr Rivas, citrus breeder and variety development at INIA.