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ClemenGold expands in Europe and Asia

Branded soft citrus to be promoted in new markets as the fruit's South Africa supply base expands into South America

ClemenGold expands in Europe and Asia

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A marketing campaign to promote ClemenGold, a trademarked, premium variety of easy-peeler soft citrus grown primarily in South Africa, is set to be extended from the UK to several markets in mainland Europe during what will be its third year.

The ClemenGold Company, responsible for promoting and protecting the brand, said the new promotional drive would involve a number of major retailers across Europe during 2012 and will aim to reinforce the fruit's quality, taste and freshness.

ClemenGold soft citrus have been marketed in the UK for the past two years, with the fruit now available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Costco.

This season's expanded campaign will see in-store tastings, point-of-sale activities, consumer competitions and online advertising rolled out to Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Product samples will be distributed to food bloggers and journalists working in the trade and consumer press, the ClemenGold Company confirmed.

In support of its promotional activities, the group has also placed a representative in the market to ensure quality is maintained.

Abs van Rooyen, chief executive officer of the ClemenGold Company said he was very excited about the potential to further establish the brand with European customers.

"The forecast for this season looks good, with some high-quality fruit coming from South Africa," he said. "We're also expanding our supply base this season, with fruit from South America, Peru in particular."

ClemenGold is also developing its sales in other parts of the world, including Hong Kong, mainland China and Canada.

Branded product is set to appear on the shelves of various retailers in these markets during 2012.

Michelle Kruger, brand director at the ClemenGold Company commented: "We are working hard at ensuring that ClemenGold is recognised as a premium quality product by consumers.

"Over the past two years we have been successful in building consumer recognition of the brand and we hope to retain and build on that success."

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