Action is part of group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment

Spain’s Agroponiente Group has obtained Endesa certification for Sustainable Energy across its four companies: Agroponiente, Agroponiente Natural Produce, Vegacañada and Lara Castañeda.

Imanol Almundi Agroponiente

CEO Imanol Almundi

The certification reflects the fact that the energy used by all four companies comes from 100 per cent renewable sources, as accredited by the National Commission for Markets and Competition.

The group said it reflected its ongoing commitment to the environment, which also includes reducing its carbon footprint by more than 50 per cent in one year, and adherence to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

CEO Imanol Almudí commented: “As we usually specify every time we talk about this area of sustainability and the environment, we are not dealing with specific actions or complementary strategies to the company’s main activity, but with a strategy that is completely transversal to all the company’s activities and departments and which is fully embedded in the group’s corporate philosophy.

“Our way of producing and relating to our environment cannot be understood in any other way than under a firm, sincere and effective commitment to sustainability and the environment, which, as can be seen with these certificates, affects all of our activity”.