European regions, producers and institutions will meet in Italy to debate the current geopolitical landscape

As part of its general assembly on 16 June in Trento, Italy, Areflh is organising a public conference on the impacts of the geopolitical crisis on the European fruit and vegetable sector.

“For more than 20 years, Areflh (the Assembly of European Horticultural Regions) has actively defended the economic and social interests of regions and producers to the European institutions,” the organisation stated.

”Each year the general assembly and its associated conference is held in a member region; this year the event will be hosted by the Autonomous Province of Trento, in partnership with Assomela, also a member of Areflh, and Interpoma.”

Areflh said that the conference would be organised around two blocks of interventions. In the first part, Claudio Scalise (SG Marketing) will analyse the current macroeconomic situation, followed by an intervention by Christiane Lambert, President of COPA.

A round table composed of professional representatives will then illustrate the challenges facing the European fruit and vegetable sector.

In the second part, the floor will be given to the EU institutions (Commission and European Parliament) to comment on the consequences of the geopolitical crisis and to take stock of the European measures approved this year and the ones to come, whose goal are to relieve and strengthen the agricultural sector and in particular fruits and vegetables.

Seven representatives from the European Parliament have already confirmed their participation.

”With the implementation of the CAP National Strategic Plans and the new fruit and vegetable CMO, this event will also be an opportunity to discuss the transition period, and the new directive on the sustainable use of pesticides that María Pilar Aguar Fernández (DG SANTE) will present in remote connection,” Areflh added.