The CSA alliance is building a state-of-the-art warehouse for frozen food at the Port of Antwerp, with room for more than 40,000 pallets

A joint venture between Conti-Lines Group and Seafrigo is set to build a sustainable warehouse for frozen food, with space for over 40,000 pallets on its 6ha site.

Conti Seafrigo Antwerp (CSA) has acquired a concession on the Nieuwe Westweg, near the Bevrijdingsdok at the port of Antwerp, an investment that Port of Antwerp-Bruges says further strengthens the cold chain segment at the port.

Conti Seafrigo Antwerp

The concession will be the location for a brand new, state-of-the-art food logistics platform, with Seafrigo Antwerp NV taking responsibility for operations and the processing and storage of a broad range of refrigerated and frozen perishables.

“This new investment will provide great added value within the cold chain segment of Port of Antwerp-Bruges,” said William Demoor, vice president for customer relations at Port of Antwerp-Bruges. “With their clear ambitions for sustainability, Antwerp Cold Stores Seafrigo’s strategy is fully in line with our own long-term vision.” 

The Port said that the development of a frozen warehouse would allow the CSA alliance to expand its maritime network through strong international partnerships. 

“The warehouse offers essential added value for the Antwerp cold chain segment given the very high utilisation rate in the temperature-controlled warehouses and the high current market demand,” it stated.

“The 25-metre high-rise warehouse will be equipped with a brand new IT system that - combined with inspections via drones - will ensure higher overall safety and efficiency on the shop floor,” the Port revealed.

It added that sustainability was also a high priority for the parties involved. ”In addition to using solar panels and heat pumps, hydrogen-powered vehicles are being examined,” the Port explained. ”We are also looking at whether waste heat can be used to heat our own buildings. In addition, the new building meets the “very good” label of the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) principles.”